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Follow These Steps to Find Success with Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion

The quote “Success is dependent on effort” is attributed to the Greek Poet Sophocles. Of course, we know he wasn’t talking about drug induced nutrient depletion counseling programs. But if he had been, he’d be...
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5 Actionable Pharmacy Metrics. How to get them, and Why they Matter.

Every pharmacy needs a way to measure progress. Without metrics, there’s no way to see where your business is at, what’s working, and what areas you need to focus on improving. Thinking about all the...
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5 Merchandising and Promotional Tips to Increase Pharmacy Sales

Last week, we talked about preparing your pharmacy business for the rest of the year. Things like contingency planning, disaster preparedness, and some essential reports to review. Also, on the list for this time of...
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4 Important Things to do in Your Pharmacy after Labor Day. And the Resources to Help.

The first Monday in September marks Labor Day. A day created to celebrate American workers and their achievements. Whether you mark the occasion with back yard barbecues or a spend the day behind the pharmacy...
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7 Surprising Ways to Improve Pharmacy Profit and More

If you keep on doing the same old thing, you’re going to get the same results. This is old wisdom, but something we all need a reminder of every once in a while. This is...
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Lessons on Pharmacy Cash Flow Success

During the RMS August CLIMB Broadcast we were joined by Cortland Data Partner Craig Robinson and pharmacist/ pharmacy owner Joe Daugherty. Joe is the owner of Stanley’s Pharmacy, in Marshfield, MO. He made the decision...
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