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Using POS Technology for patient care

Using Pharmacy POS Technology for the Best Patient Care

Care is at the core of every pharmacy. It takes countless forms and manifests in different ways throughout every customer interaction. This is what pharmacy does. It isn’t just about filling a prescription. And it...
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3 Big Pharmacy Trends

Change in business can come slowly or rapidly, but, eventually, all industries evolve to suit the new needs of their customer base. The same is true, of course, for pharmacies. Thanks to new technologies, new...
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Why, and How to Implement a Line Busting Program in Your Pharmacy

Free space is a valuable commodity. One that many businesses don’t have. There’s only so much you can cram into any storefront. Pharmacies often must pick and choose the best way to optimize the space...
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CLIMB Virtual Summit by RMS

Announcing the CLIMB Virtual Summit, Presented by RMS!

What was the last thing you climbed? Maybe it was a stepladder to change a lightbulb. Perhaps something a bit more ambitious while completing outdoor chores? Or maybe you tackled a course in a climbing gym or roped up for a...
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A Quick Podcast and a New Title for Your Reading List

The last couple of weeks, our posts have been all about learning. Something which we take to heart here at RMS. Not just in training on our Pharmacy POS offerings or our daily huddle meetings....
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One New Thing To Do Every Day In Your Pharmacy

How do you disseminate information to your pharmacy team? Do you try to catch staff as you can? Have lengthy monthly or quarterly meetings where you pay staff extra to come in? Do you email?...
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