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Driving Pharmacy Sales Through Unconventional Means

Drive thru and curbside have become bread and butter for pharmacies. As well as for all kinds of retail businesses. Even as stores begin to reopen, the demand for limited contact retail interactions remains high....
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Keeping it personal in your pharmacy

Keeping it Personal While Keeping Safe in Your Pharmacy

  Personal connection has changed over the past few months. Long standing business practices had to be adapted to fit current situations. And what may have been seen as temporary in February and March is...
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The Time Is Now- A Letter from RMS CEO Brad Jones

The Time is Now  At RMS, we have always thought of ourselves as a family, one made up not only of employees but also of our customers and business partners across the United States. A family of amazing, diverse people.    Over the years, we’ve...
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4 Important Reminders for Pharmacy Security

I’ve always worked hard to keep a clean email in box, both at work and at home. But lately, that task seems almost impossible. At home, I’ve got countless emails from teachers, family check ins,...
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Keep your pharmacy running smoothly

5 Easy Things to Keep Your Pharmacy Running Smoothly

If I said that many pharmacies are really busy right now, it would be a huge understatement. The word “busy” doesn’t even come close to describing what many pharmacies are experiencing every day. When our...
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A Bit of What We All Need

It’s been a little over a month since the staff at RMS headquarters, along with a good portion of the country, transitioned to working remotely from home. While the replacement of my commute with a...
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