1 Crazy Easy Way to Speed Up your Checkout Process in your Pharmacy

isc350-touchscreen-rms-pharmacy-pos.jpgSo much of the time, business owners focus on big picture changes.  Comprehensive overhauls of how they do business.  Sure these changes ultimately make your pharmacy better.  You eventually see higher profits, increased efficiency and better customer service.  But big changes take time, commitment, and a lot of effort.  What if you just wanted to do one small thing to make your customers checkout experience faster?

Well the good news is that with a robust pharmacy POS system, there are lots of small changes that can be made to improve the customer experience, as well as big changes that completely shift the way you run your pharmacy. 

For many pharmacies, the checkout line can be a trouble spot.  Without investing in additional lanes, how do you make checkout go faster?  One easy way to do this is to streamline signature capture.  For starters, instead of capturing multiple signatures across every transaction, you can set up “one and done” signature capture, meaning customers can sign just once to cover multiple prescriptions and their payment.  Another option is to not require signature for credit card transactions under a certain dollar amount.  Signatures can help to mitigate the inherent risk of accepting credit cards, but they also slow down the checkout process, especially for someone who’s just run in to buy some antacids and a bottle of water. 

Both of these changes are crazy-easy to make in the RMS POS system, especially with the help of some of the best pharmacy support technicians around.

What would you like to improve in your pharmacy?  Tell us what you’re looking to change.  We may just have an easy solution for you.