1 Thing to do This 4th of July Weekend

rms-pharmacy-pos-2017-4-of-july.jpgIt’s estimated by AAA that 44.2 million Americans will be travelling during the 4th of July holiday weekend. This makes 2017 the biggest year ever for Independence Day travel. For many communities, this means an influx of tourists over the next several days as Independence Day celebrants flock to popular spots for fireworks displays, festivals, parades or just some sun and relaxation. 

Many of our community pharmacies will be crazy busy selling OTC essentials. And if your pharmacy happens to have a gift department, you can probably expect some increased traffic there as well. 

While a busy retail weekend can be stressful, the increase in traffic represents an opportunity outside of the obvious boost to your bottom line. This weekend is an excellent time to find out if your pharmacy is really running at peak efficiency. The pace will likely be faster and some of your most experienced pharmacy staff may even be on vacation. Pay attention and take note of the things you’d like to see change or work better so that your pharmacy can continue to serve the community for years, decades, and hopefully more to come. 

TIP: Most sunscreen is FSA eligible!  Promote it!

When the dust settles and you return to post holiday routines, make sure to engage your pharmacy technology partners to see how they can help you move forward. 

From all of us at RMS, we wish you a safe and happy 4th of July Weekend.