10 Easy Pharmacy Ideas to Get Social and Drive Revenue

rms-pharmacy-pos-social-media.jpgSocial media isn’t anything new.  And knowing that it’s an important way to market your business, gain new customers and increase customer loyalty, well that isn’t really anything new either.  But for many independent pharmacies, it’s not a big priority for any number of reasons.   For some, time is the main concern.  Others think that their customer base won’t use it.  Or perhaps there’s just confusion about what a pharmacy could post on a regular basis.   

So here’s the thing.  Social media isn’t really going away.  It’s just changing.  And it’s likely that no matter what your main customer demographic is, enough of your customers, and potential customers, are paying attention to it.   


Check out this infographic on social media usage across different generations.  There’s a lot of information, including the statistics that “84% of Baby Boomers have Facebook accounts” and “58% of Baby Boomers visit a company’s website after encountering the brand on social media”.  That’s a pretty big amount of visibility and a lot of opportunity that you could be missing out on.   

So what do you do about it? What do you post to make the most of the various social media outlets?  The simple answer is to think about what has value to your customers. What do they get out of your pharmacy that they can’t get out of a big-box drug store.  Here are 10 easy ideas that will help to keep you posting to social media on a regular basis.  

Health and wellness tips More and more, pharmacy is trending towards patient care, disease state management and overall patient wellness.  So post about things that will help keep your customers healthy.  (Supplements, flu-shots, dietary tips, smoking cessation resources) 

Promotions What about all of those great promotions that you’re hopefully running in your pharmacy?  Social media is one of the best places to advertise the current specials in your pharmacy 

Customer Loyalty Incentives Social Media is just one more way to bring members of your customer loyalty program in and incentivize non-loyalty members to join 

Photos Pictures are an easy way to engage your audience.  New employee?  Post a photo. Special event? Take a couple quick pictures. New product?  It’s pretty simple and gives you a lot of options. 

Articles and news This can be news specific to your pharmacy (Like new staff or a new line of products) or an interesting article that you link to in order to share it with your social network audience.  

Checklists Checklists are very popular and can create a lot of value for your customers.  Plus, they are an easy way to create something original and unique to share.  

Events Share information about special events at your pharmacy as well as events in the community. When you link to other local businesses, it can help incentivize them to link back to you. 

Testimonials Post positive feedback from your customers. And encourage your customers to share directly.  

Videos– If photos help to engage your audience, videos can help you do even more.  Translate any of your posts, like tips or new product announcements into a quick video.  Or show customers via video how your new curbside delivery program works.  Maybe try Facebook Live and broadcast right from your pharmacy!

Fun – Social media for your pharmacy doesn’t need to be all business all the time.  Share anything fun that will make your pharmacy business memorable.   

What else do you post on social media outlets? Share in the comments below.