2 Techniques to Make Your Pharmacy Better

new-beginnings-rms-pharmacy-pos.jpgThis article Karen wrote in 2014 is still poignant today, but I’m going to add an extra layer to it.  Gamify it, if you will. 

You’ve probably heard that it takes 3 weeks of repitition for someone to either create a new habit or to break an old one.  Our Director of Training Services, Brandon Bieleski, recently shared an easy way to keep track of your progress towards your new life changing habit, and I challenge you to use this with your pharmacy staff.  

The idea is simple.  Create a goal, make it specific and quantitative, and mark off each day for the next 30 days.  Then write down how you are going to reward yourself.  Simple, right?  

Here’s Karen’s article: 

2 Customer Service Techniques to Make Your Independent Pharmacy Better

And here’s Brandon’s goal tracker:



Write me a comment in the comments section below and share with me what your goal will be!  Good luck!