3 Easy Tips to Become More Productive in your Pharmacy

We have all been there: You draw up to-do list after to-do list. You have many things to finish, yet when one item is checked off, two more are added. LinkedIn released a survey in 2012 revealing that our professional to do list are in dire need of a makeover. Turns out we are not so good at doing the things we tell ourselves we need to do.

On the days that I feel like I am sinking in to-dos, I take comfort in knowing it’s better to be too busy than to have the complete opposite problem. I have also mastered these 3 strategies when I am overwhelmed and they definitely make my to-do list more manageable.


1)      Use Your Calendar as a To-Do list

I find that putting a task on my calendar is a great way to get things done. Rather than outlining my daily to-dos onto a list, I schedule them, leaving enough time for each item to be completed.


2)      Be Specific

Picture how much work everything will take, it is easier to plan the rest of your to-do list and your everyday agenda accordingly. While just writing “create employees work schedule” may seem easy, plotting out at least 3 steps that come with doing the task will allow you to block out the right amount of time and move other to-do tasks to a later time if necessary.


3)      Create a Done List

I love the classic paper and pen to-do list. I literally have stationary after stationary sitting on my desk waiting to be used up. The reason why I love this method so much is because I get so relieved when I see items crossed off. There is a sense of accomplishment there that doesn’t happen on an application that I can download on my phone. If you love to use an app to help manage your to-do list, try making a done list.  By creating a done list in your app, you not only will feel that same sense of accomplishment, you’re able to look back on everything you did that day.


When trying any new productivity trick it is always good to keep in mind that it takes time to adjust. If things just don’t seem to be working out after one day, don’t give up!

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