3 Labor Day Reminders for Your Pharmacy

labor-day-rms-pharmacy-pos-systemLabor Day is always the holiday that sneaks up on me. It’s always here faster than I expect it to be, bringing with it the end of summer and the beginning of so many other things. (Like football season. Go Hawks!)

The seasonal shift that accompanies Labor Day results in everything from back to school shopping (and the sales to go along with it) to end of summer cookouts and final vacations. And there’s likely a whole fall to-do list that’s just waiting to be noticed.

Not to be outdone by yard work and winterizing the house, your pharmacy probably needs some attention as well. As we get ready for Labor Day and take the first steps into Fall, there are some considerations that will help you transition out of the summer months with ease.

Prepare for winter weather: We may shut down the air conditioning and pull out a light sweater or two, but it’s not really winter yet. Right? Well we all know it can sneak up on us pretty fast.  So as the season turns, it’s time to make sure your pharmacy is ready for inclement weather. Check out this article on getting your pharmacy prepared for when wind, rain, snow and ice head your way.

Rotate out seasonal items: Yes, you may still sell the occasional bottle of sunscreen, but it’s more likely that back to school first aid kits, vitamins, and cold medicine will be on the list for many customers. If you’re not sure, check product movement reports in your point-of-sale system to identify trends both current and historic.

Reassess your 2018 goals: Did you set any goals for this year? Have you been keeping up with them and staying on track? September through the end of the year is the home stretch for making the changes you wanted to. Don’t wait until the very last minute. Here’s a helpful article from 2017 that talks about staying on track and assessing where your pharmacy is at.

All to-do lists aside, I have one more thing for everyone as we approach the Labor Day weekend. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the pharmacy owners, managers and staff. Day off or no, Labor Day was founded to celebrate the contributions of workers in the United States and we want to take a moment to recognize every single one of you. We appreciate all of you and feel truly privileged to have the opportunity to work with our wonderful customers every day!