3 Steps To Turn Inspiration to Reality in Your Pharmacy

RMSPOSInspirationtoReality.jpgThis week, many RMS customers will be enjoying the air conditioning in the Mandalay Bay Hotel for AmerisourceBergen’s ThoughtSpot 2017. And many more will be travelling to San Antonio next week for the Cardinal RBC show 

Whether you’ve already stopped by the RMS booth at ThoughtSpot or we’re looking forward to seeing you at Cardinal (or another event throughout the year) we hope that you come away from conferences and shows like these with some inspiration about what’s next for your pharmacy.  

Finding inspiration is the easy part. And thinking about all the great ways you can improve in your pharmacy business can be really fun. You’ll find new hardware options, new ideas for serving customers, discover new products. There’s always something new and different to try. The tricky part is actually following through on those things that seem so exciting in the moment, but become daunting as soon as you think about actually tackling the change.  

If you’re not diligent about  following up and taking action, before you know it, another year will have passed and you won’t have made progress towards your goals. Here are 3 steps to help you turn “I want” into “I have”.  

1) Set aside time for follow up. Do it now. Figure out when you’ll have time to sit down and review everything you wanted to take a closer look at. Put it on the schedule. Keep to that schedule. We lived by schedules and due dates in school. We attend doctors appointments and parent teachers conferences on a schedule. So why should planning the future of your pharmacy business be any different? 

2) Create use cases and determine value. Whatever you want to add, be that a new line of products or a new piece of point-of-sale hardware, you need to decide what’s in it for you from the start. What pain point will disappear? What’s going to become easier? How is this going to make your pharmacy more profitable or customer-centric? If you know what you’ll get in return for your efforts and investment, the work involved to get there will seem much more manageable.  

3) Prioritize. It’s likely that you can’t make every change you want all at the same time. It’s just not feasible. So make sure you figure out what’s the most important. The most valuable. That way, you can’t get distracted by other projects that may just be easier and not accomplish your major goals. 

Staying current in the pharmacy industry is important. Use these steps to help you get things done so you’re ready for whatever comes next.