3 Things You Didn’t Know Your Receipt Printer Could Do

TMH6000-rms-pharmacy-pos.pngFinding a new cool feature in something you already own is pretty awesome. Like finding a perfectly placed hidden pocket in a jacket you’ve had for years. A little bonus that didn’t cost you anything extra.  

Just in case your day could use a little extra sparkle, here are a few fun features that can likely be accessed through the receipt printer that you already have sitting on your counter.  

Check Endorsement – Many of the most common receipt printer models allow you to endorse checks, front and back. All your customer has to do is sign the front of the check, and your receipt printer fills in the rest. Less time waiting for your customer to write the check and less work for clerks to stamp the check with bank deposit information.  

Check Security – That account number at the bottom of your checks? Receipt printers equipped with a MICR reader can make use of that too. Either for integrated check verification solutions or for built in check monitoring features to flag bad accounts at the point-of-sale. 

Free Promotions – Don’t let the receipt be wasted space. Use it to share promotions, store hours, special notes, or even print coupons for future purchases. Whatever you can think of.  

Of course different receipt printers have different feature sets. Contact your POS provider to see what hidden functionality might be sitting on your pharmacy counter.