3 Tips to Keep Your Pharmacy Current Without Breaking the Bank

rms-pharmacy-technology-point-of-sale.jpgThere is always some sort of hype about something going on in the world of technology. A new app, the next big gaming console, or the latest version of iPhone. We’ve become conditioned to expect that there’s always something new around the corner.  Because, quite truthfully, there is.   

All of this constantly changing and evolving technology is a wonderful thing. Even if you don’t adopt every new trend, eventually, all of this change will produce something of real and true value to you.  

But there’s also a draw back. How do you know when to make a change and adopt new technology or when to simply ride out the trend to see what happens next? There’s tremendous pressure to stay current, and you should make every reasonable effort to do so, but adopting every new trend would put most pharmacies out of business.   Here are three tips to help you stay current without dipping into your piggybank more than you need to.  

Put your hardware on a refresh cycle:  The hardware technology you use in your pharmacy is part of what defines your pharmacy’s image.  But that doesn’t mean you have to buy a new PC every year or replace a receipt printer just because a new color became popular. Putting your pharmacy point-of-sale hardware on a scheduled refresh cycle helps you stay up-to-date and heads off problems that naturally arise as hardware ages.  And it keeps you from falling victim to trends that may or may not pan out or provide benefit. At RMS, we suggest evaluating your current hardware setup about every 3 years.  

Focus on core services:  A new app or technology trend isn’t always based on the technology itself, but rather, what that technology helps users to achieve. So instead of focusing on a trend, like tablets, for example, focus on the service you want to provide, and then think about what’s preventing you from getting to that point. If you purchase a tablet (like our EvolutionPOS V2) so you can offer curbside delivery or start a meds to beds program, you’re going to have much better results and return on investment than adopting something without a clear plan of action.  

Stay consistent: Reliability and consistency creates trust, which is the most important part of any pharmacy-patient relationship. Yes, make changes to improve your services, efficiency, and profitability. Don’t make a change just to make a change. Although cliché, the saying that “the grass is always greener on the other side” exists for a reason.  

Pharmacies are a very unique retail vertical with its own set of specific needs and requirements. This often means that your business will look much different than other retail spaces. That’s nothing to be afraid of. So many of our pharmacy customers have been in business for decades. Even through multiple generations of owners.  Just stick with vendor partners who understand the needs of your pharmacy business and what it takes to succeed there. Rely on them for advice on how to keep your pharmacy current and what tools you need to keep your pharmacy current.