4 things to do in your pharmacy

4 Important Things To Do In Your Pharmacy

2020 has offered so many challenges. Personally, and professionally, we’ve all faced situations that we never really could have planned for.

Despite spending much of our year in new territory, the end of the year brings with it the familiar feeling of some things coming to a close and new opportunities just around the corner.

Regardless of the years trajectory, there is still much to be done before we can close the books on 2020 and truly embrace whatever comes next. But this year is different, so our year end to-do list might look a little different.  Here are our top 4 items for the end of the year.

  1. Get certified to administer the Covid-19 Vaccine. Pharmacies have played an increasingly large role in patient healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic and will continue to do so in the new year. With the impending release of the Covid-19 vaccine, certification to administer is a top priority. There are many resources available to help pharmacies complete the certification process. Lean into the resources available to you and take this important step as soon as possible.
  2. Evaluate your inventory. This is always an important step at any time of year. Especially at the end of a holiday season, it’s important to decide what you’ll do with unsold seasonal items and gain a better understanding of product movement in your pharmacy over the last month, quarter and year. Deciding to hold, clear, or donate unsold goods can have a huge impact in your profitability.
  3. Take some time to reset. There’s no magic button to erase the stress of a difficult year. Neither does the arrival of January 1st mean that situations will change. But the new year is still a good reminder, and a good reason, to take a breath and reset. In Giovanni Livera’s Book, “Live a Thousand Years” he writes “I reset quickly after failure and begin again. I reset quickly after success and reach for higher aspirations. I sleep well and get enough rest. I cherish each day.” Perhaps now, more than ever, we all need to take a moment to reset personally and professionally to reposition ourselves for success.
  4. CLIMB Virtual Summit by RMSRegister for the CLIMB Webinar Series. Next week, at our December CLIMB Webinar, we’re tackling these topics just in time for the new year. Our panel of pharmacists will talk about what you should know, no matter where you are in the Covid vaccination certification process. Brad Jones will talk about inventory holding, sunk costs, and more. And last but not least, Giovanni Livera will join us for a special session from “Live a Thousand Years” titled “Time to reset.” Registration to this event is absolutely free and you’ll have access to our monthly webinars, recordings, and materials over the next year. Plus, this month, we are giving away 50 copies of Giovanni’s book to December webinar attendees. We hope to see you there! Register for free with this link.