4 Questions to Ask About Pharmacy POS Partners


Questions to ask about POS Partners

Last month, my kids joined a wrestling team. After breaking up skirmishes in the living room on a daily basis, we decided that if they were going to wrestle with each other anyway, they might as well learn how to do it properly.

After the first few weeks of uncertainty, they’re getting into the rhythm of practices and tournaments, and are constantly asking me when they get to go to wrestling again. Their twice a week practices end with two excited little ones who can’t wait to get home and practice their new skills.

This last practice however, my kiddos came home with heads low and the usual fountain of energy gone. Thinking that they’d met some wall in skill, or had been chastised by a coach, I prepared my best “hard work pays off” speech. Much to my surprise, the issue wasn’t about ability or behavior, but rather about not having the right partner to practice with. One kids partner had been unfocused and off task, and the other had been resistant to lend a helping hand when it was needed.

Now of course, these are 5 and 6 year old kids, wrestling for a basic foundation, and most importantly for fun. So no harm done. But it’s a good reminder of the importance of having the right person in your corner.

Let’s face it, if you have the wrong partners in your pharmacy business, the results can be disastrous. So here are a few questions to ask, to help you find the right team of system and service providers for your pharmacy.

Do your partners make your life easier? Any partner, no matter what space you’re working in, should strive to facilitate a relationship filled with less roadblocks, fewer issues, clear and honest expectations. In a word, working with any business partner should be easy.

Are your partners focused? We all get distracted every once in a while. But there’s a difference between occasional distraction, and a lack of focus. If your partners are operating in a dozen different verticals, with more products than they can count, how focused are they really, on the things that matter to you? Is it quantity over quantity? Style over substance?

Do your partners play well with others? Does anybody really want to play referee? Especially when it comes to running a business, you have better things to do than worry about inter-partner communication. A broad range of partnerships and integrations not only give you the ability to choose the right combination of systems and products for your pharmacy, they indicate a partner that is flexible and easy to work with.

Do you believe your partners care? It’s a simple question. The answer can tell you a lot about whether your relationships with pharmacy system and service vendors are working. Will they do their best to help you when you need it, no matter what the problem is? Are they really in your corner? They should be.