4 Reasons to Embrace Email Receipts and Statements

email-statements-receipts-pharmacy-pos-rmsThe last time you went shopping and received a paper receipt, what did you do with it? Did you carefully fold it, place it in your wallet for storage when you got home? Probably not. More likely, that receipt was carelessly shoved into a pocket, lost in a purse, or forgotten in the bag your purchases came in. And even if you did file that receipt away, did you actually ever go back and use it? Or on the flip side of things, when you actually did need a receipt, could you actually find it?

Think about all the receipt paper you go through each year.  Consider the cost of printing AR statements and mailing them. Is this really the best, most cost effective way to run your pharmacy? Is it best for your customers? The answer is probably not, at least not all of them.

The solution? Embracing email receipts and other communications in your business. Here are 4 big reasons to take the next step and start using email more frequently in your pharmacy.

Convenience: Hunting down that little paper receipt is a pain. So is cleaning out a wallet jam packed with receipts and other paper junk. Emailing receipts alleviates those problems. Customers can simply search their email to locate important records if and when they need them. It’s also much easier and faster to resend a lost statement via email than it is to throw another copy in the mail.

rms-pharmacy-pos-system-emailsCost Savings: Receipt paper isn’t free. Neither are statement forms, envelopes and stamps. Emailed options have virtually no overhead outside of the computer and point-of-sale program you process those emails through. (And you need those things anyway right?) Outside of the obvious waste, the cost savings of even a small percentage of your customers that opt for email communications could be significant.

Marketing opportunities: Emailing statements through your RMS point-of-sale system gives you an extra opportunity to communicate promotions without additional cost. RMS customers can also attach a flyer to the emailed statement so that when customers receive those communications each month, they also get the latest information about in store promos.

One size doesn’t fit all: We know that when it comes to pharmacy point-of-sale, every pharmacy has unique needs. The same goes for your pharmacy customers. Some may prefer paper receipts, but it’s important to offer your customers as many options as possible to they get the customer experience that works best for them.

The best thing about embracing email communications is that it’s really easy to get started. Give RMS a call to learn more. You might just be surprised at how many of your customers appreciate having this option available.