4 Simple Tasks to Tackle in Your Pharmacy

4 pharmacy pos tasks to tackleMy kids have been asking me when Winter break starts since the day after Thanksgiving. When will their class party be? When do Uncle and Auntie arrive in town? When will there be snow on the mountain? For them, all the excitement seems to make time feel slower. How can there be another whole week of school before the holidays?

I can’t help but envy them, because it definitely feels different to me. The dwindling number of days left in December seem to go by faster and faster. Leaving precious little time to finish end of year tasks.

But, with a to-do list firmly in place, I know that I’ll get my most important tasks accomplished, both in the office and at home. With just a few weeks remaining until year end, I encourage you to get a few important to-do’s on your schedule.

Line up year end reporting needs- Once New Years Celebrations have come to a close, it will be time to start closing the books on 2019. Get ahead by preparing reporting needs now. Your pharmacy point-of-sale system is host to a lot of data on your pharmacy business, so figure out what data you need, and then work with your POS provider to get the reports created.

Recover your pharmacy- Even the most well-organized pharmacy can look a little disheveled at the end of a busy day. And if you’ve had several busy days (or weeks) in a row, well, let’s just say that your pharmacy front end might need a little TLC. Review your steps for active inventory recovery and make plans to get things back on track before the new year begins.

Get in last minute purchases- There’s still time to get pharmacy purchases in before the end of the year. If you’ve been thinking about adding a register, or starting a customer loyalty program, you can get those plans in motion before the new year begins.

Schedule a consultation- If you think that 2020 might be the year for you to upgrade your pharmacy point-of-sale, you can start the project now by setting aside time for a consult to discuss the needs of your pharmacy business.