4 Things You Don’t Have To Stress Over This Holiday Season

RMS_POS_3_Things_You_Don't_Have_To_Stress_Over.jpgThere’s a quote from Maya Angelou that reads “I’ve learned you can tell a lot about a person by the way he handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights.” Many of us are about to find out exactly how we handle those instances. Possibly in rapid succession.  

There are certainly many different stresses to deal with this time of year. Some of them are short lived like untangling holiday decorations and trying to get lights on the house without falling off the ladder. Others can last a little longer. Like fighting airport security lines, sitting in cramped seats, and then hoping that your luggage gets to the terminal in one piece.  

To top it all off, time away from work always seems to add to the pressure. As happy as we might be to get away and spend time with loved ones, we know that the work is going to pile up while we’re away.   

While I can’t help you with the emails that pile up or payroll that has to be approved, with pharmacy point-of-sale, you’ll have at least a few things that you don’t have to worry about. 

Employee monitoring – This time of year many businesses have new employees or seasonal employees. That can be nerve-wracking for any business. Mistakes are costly for many reasons.  While you can’t avoid all of them, you do have to know about them and address them. But you don’t have to be looking over every clerk’s shoulder to know what’s going on in your pharmacy. You can use security level settings to dictate what any given user can and can’t do, as well as monitor key activities like discounts given or shortages at the cash drawer.  

Dotting the is and crossing the t’s – Every transaction run in your pharmacy may have multiple regulations to contend with. Signatures for HIPAA, counseling acknowledgments, controlled substance ID collection,etc. The list is endless. But with point-of-sale, you don’t have to worry about whether all of that gets done. Once everything is set up, it just happens.  

All the numbers – While you don’t want to have to worry about day to day activities running smoothly in your pharmacy, you don’t want to miss out on key information either. Setting key reports to run automatically will help you to quickly and easily review all the numbers you want to review whenever you’re ready.  

Keeping the shelves stocked- The last thing you want to have happen this time of year is to run low on stock. EDI ordering processes and running automated ordering via replenishment or min/max logic make it easy for you and your pharmacy staff to know what products to order each day. 

With a robust and reliable pharmacy point-of-sale system, you’ve got your bases covered this season. If you feel like your pharmacy technology isn’t quite to this point, think about giving RMS a call. We’d love to help make running your pharmacy business easier!