Keep your pharmacy running smoothly

5 Easy Things to Keep Your Pharmacy Running Smoothly

Keep your pharmacy running smoothly

If I said that many pharmacies are really busy right now, it would be a huge understatement. The word “busy” doesn’t even come close to describing what many pharmacies are experiencing every day.

When our businesses and personal lives get a little chaotic, it’s easy for things we normally do with out thinking to fall through the cracks.

Here are a few activities you can easily tackle with out taking too much time out of your day that you might find helpful.

  • Consider implementing date of birth verification – This extra safety check is a great option for pharmacies. It’s a little extra check at the register to make sure the right prescription goes home with the right patient. This helpful point-of-sale feature is available with many of our standard pharmacy system integrations.
  • Order supplies – Keep on top of inventory for receipt paper, statement envelopes, shelf labels and whatever else you need to keep your pharmacy running. And since supplies don’t have an expiration date, save yourself some time and shipping costs by ordering some extra if you can.
  • Set up automated reporting – it’s still important to keep track of your business metrics. Automate their processing
  • Check your inventory processes – It may be harder than ever to keep OTC products stocked, but you can automate a lot of your purchasing and receiving without too much difficulty. If you’ve never managed inventory actively, you can still run replenishment ordering (Sell one, order one), using vendor EDI.
  • Disaster preparedness- Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the world is still turning and even though we’re actively dealing with one disaster, we still need to be prepared for other events. Make sure you’re keeping up on all of your backups, and other disaster preparedness necessities. This article is a great place to start your list.

I hope this quick list helps you a bit. Whether you tackle one item, or all 5, we’re here to help with any item on this list.