5 Questions to Tell You if You Need a Customer Loyalty Program

rms-customer-loyalty-pharmacy-pos.jpgWe all know that customer loyalty programs are a popular method for encouraging customers to shop more often and buy more when they do shop.  But in order to be effective, they need to be well thought out and actively managed to be impactful. A flimsy paper punch card in the wallet just doesn’t do much these days.  

For many pharmacies, the question is whether the investment it takes to create a strong, effective, customer loyalty plan is really worthwhile. Will it pay off for you in the long run? Is it something you really need to do? You may be on the fence about it, or you may think you don’t need a loyalty program at all.  

However you feel right now, take a few minutes and answer these 5 questions.  


  • Does your competition (local and chain) offer customer loyalty programs?  
    • If they’re offering an incentive to shop and you’re not, you could be losing business.
  • Are there products that aren’t moving and should be? 
    • Loyalty programs are a great way to promote sales of specific items or departments.
  • Do you feel like you have good customer retention? 
    •  Coupons for future use encourage repeat shopping and help to mold consumer habits 
  • Do your best customers know they’re your best customers?  
    • Keeping track of the customers that shop the most in your pharmacy is important. If you don’t know, then you can’t share your appreciation with them.
  • Have any of your customers ever asked about loyalty or incentive programs? 
    • These days consumers expect to be offered some sort of reward for their patronage. If customers are asking and you aren’t offering, you’ve got a pretty big problem to solve.

You may have already guessed that answering yes to any one (or more) of these questions means you probably need to take a much closer look at customer loyalty. And these are just some of the most popular reasons to implement a loyalty program. Whatever your reason, RMS can help you get started with this free E-book on implementing customer loyalty. Then there’s only one last question to ask. Can your pharmacy POS provider provide you with the right tools to implement the program you want?