5 Reasons Why A Good Pharmacy POS System Should Scale With Your Business

growth-rms-pharmacy-pos.jpgThere are many reasons why electronic cash register systems went out of vogue: compliance with more regulatory changes than one can easily count, the need for active inventory management, FSA card acceptance, reliable sales monitoring, the list goes on.

What about scalability though? Did that make the list when you purchased your last point-of-sale system? Or is your current solution just as inflexible as the most basic of cash registers?

If you haven’t given the scalability of your POS system much consideration, it’s time to start. If you still need some convincing, here are some key points to keep in mind. 


A good POS system should prepare your business for growth – When you implement a new pharmacy point-of-sale system, you’re hopefully implementing processes that will improve efficiency, increase profitability and allow you to better serve customers. These things are all key ingredients to growing your pharmacy business. But if your pharmacy point-of-sale system can’t grow right along with you, that growth is going to be limited. You’ll take a few steps forward and then be stuck. Where’s the sense in that?

Starting with all of the bells and whistles isn’t always the best – Or the easiest. If you’re making a change from a more basic point-of-sale system to something more robust, doing too much at once can create problems of its own. Sometimes you need to give employees a chance to adjust and really learn a new system before you throw a bunch of new processes at them. So, save yourself the pain of trying to grow too fast and choose a system that allows you to do things at a pace that makes sense for you. 

Change brings about change – You may intend one result from adopting a new point-of-sale solution, but you could have some unexpected outcomes. So, leave room for the unexpected by leaving yourself room to adjust and change. 

Starting from scratch is costly – It takes time and money to make a significant change like implementing a new point-of-sale system. Often, it’s worth the investment to find a point-of-sale partner that truly aligns with your needs and goals. But once you make that change, do you really want to make it again for the simple reason that your business grew? Probably not. 

And there’s no excuse because scalability is easy to find – At RMS, we work with pharmacy customers of every size. From 1 register apothecaries and everything on up from there. It’s easy to add a register, add a location, add functionality or even change pharmacy system vendors, credit card processors and wholesalers. 

The last thing you want to be thinking about when your business is growing is whether or not your solution providers can meet your needs. It’s much better to know from the outset that no matter what happens, the needs of your business will be met.