5 Reasons You Should Order Gift Cards/Loyalty Cards Now

5reasonstoordergiftcardsI’m currently struggling with the idea of back to school shopping for jeans and sweaters in 90-degree weather. I mean, didn’t school just get out? And I already have to think about new backpacks and first day of school outfits?

Although there’s still a good amount of summer left, it does seem to be disappearing especially fast. Another beach trip, a few more visits to the pool, and we’ll be back to planning more rainy-day activities than sunny ones. At least here in the Pacific Northwest, campfires and S’mores will make way for roaring fireplaces and hot cocoa all too soon.

And this landslide into the upcoming school year and fall weather also means that it’s not going to be too long before all of those “Christmas in July” sales that seem to be more prevalent this year will become the real thing.

While it’s too early to start decking the halls, there is one major thing you can and should get started on now to make sure you’re ready for the upcoming busy season. It’s time to order gift cards and loyalty cards. Here are 5 reasons that you should get started now:

Don’t get caught in the rush – I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like last minute shopping. Waiting until September and October to order gift cards is exactly like last minute shopping. Gift card print times increase, and shipping delays become more frequent giving you no flex time with your order.

Get your cards the way you want them – Do you want your store logo on your gift cards? Any special artwork? Getting ahead of the need makes sure that you have ample opportunity to get your pharmacy gift cards just right.

sample loyalty card2

Make sure customers know you offer gift cards – Stocking gift cards beginning the last week of November may still be too late. If customers haven’t had a prior opportunity to see that you carry them, they may not think of it as an option when it comes time to buy.

Gift cards sell all year round – It’s not just the holidays that drive gift card purchases. In fact, birthdays are one of the leading reasons for gift card purchase. So, put them out as soon as you get them. You may be surprised at how well they sell year-round.

And they keep on bringing business to your pharmacy – Many customers have to come back multiple times to spend the entire balance of a gift card. These return visits give you an opportunity to build relationships with new customers. Add that to the fact that customers overspend gift card balances by an average of 20% and you’ve more than made up for the initial investment of the cards 


The biggest reason to get gift cards ordered now is that it’s crazy easy with RMS’ integrated gift card program. There’s no cost per transaction to sell your store branded cards and we can help you from the very beginning. All the way from designing your cards to setting them up in your point-of-sale system for easy sale, tracking and redemption.