6 Quick Reasons To Read the RMS Blog

RMS_POS_5reasonstoreadtheRMSblog.jpgAll of our plates are full. Saying yes to something new generally means we are saying no to something else or at least compromising on things that we probably don’t really want to compromise on.   

Eventually we start pushing things off the edge of that full plate to make room for something else. And one of the things that’s easy to set aside is keeping up with our educational reading. Taking time for a newsletter, Ebook or Blog just doesn’t rate high enough on the list of everything else that’s vying for our attention.  How does reading an article help get you home in time for dinner 

But like many things, time invested now can pay off later. If you aren’t a regular reader of the RMS blog, or don’t often visit the RMS Library, here’s a few reasons why you might want to reconsider.  

Different points of view – While I write most of the blog posts here at RMS, the topics and expertise are borrowed from all of our experienced staff. So you get perspective from more than just one or two people. 

The latest news and updates – When there’s something new, we are pretty excited to share it so the RMS blog is one of the first places we post the latest news and innovations. 

We keep it quick and easy- Your time is valuable so we don’t post 3 or 4 1200 word posts every week. You’ll often find easy, actionable tips that you can learn about in 5-10 minutes.  

You never know when inspiration will strike –  We may cover the same topic more than once. It’s almost impossible not to have re runs. But we always try to come at those repeat topics from a different direction. And you never know when something might strike the right chord for a positive change.  

A few minutes now can save time later – A lot of what we talk about is actually tips and tricks meant to save you time in the long run. So reading about things like one and done signature capture or drivers license scanning leads to a pretty quick return on investment

We’re here to help you with the next steps – If you learn about something from an RMS article, you’re not on your own. We can help you to take next steps and implement new solutions.