A few last minute to-do’s for your independent pharmacy

rms-thank-you-pharmacy-pos.jpgThis November marks two years that I’ve been writing blog posts almost every week for the RMS POS POV Blog. So first, I’d like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who reads the RMS Blog. You give me the opportunity to do something I am incredibly passionate about.  I truly believe that the communities your pharmacies serve would not be the same if your pharmacy weren’t in business.  Likewise, I believe that RMS and this job that I love so much would not be the same without each and every customer, blog follower, and business partner. 

As Thanksgiving is just a few days away, I won’t weigh the week down with last minute tips for profitability, or thoughts on how important your pharmacy technology is.  I’ll leave that for another day. Instead, here are some last minute to-do’s to make sure you are prepared for the busy week ahead.

  • Make sure your shelves stocked and front-faced with back stock easily accessible.
  • Plan your employee schedules so that they include time for breaks and lunches.
  • Double check that all computers are on a battery backup and have been confirmed as functional.
  • Re-visit your website and make sure it’s up to date with holiday store hours including any holiday closures.
  • Pre-program your promotions in you pharmacy POS system.
  • Print signage and have them ready to be put up.
  • Review your holiday displays to ensure they are set and easily accessible

Most importantly – have fun!  The holiday season can be stressful, but a little good cheer may just make the season a little bit brighter!



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