A Few Questions Answered about RMS’ New EMV Solution

rms-pharmacy-pos-emv.jpgLast week, RMS announced release of a single hardware solution for EMV card acceptance and signature capture with Vantiv Payments.   We have been overwhelmed at the positive response we’ve received after publishing this information and are excited to start transitioning customers to this new solution. 

By now, we’ve talked to many customers and answered a lot of questions about his change.   I thought I’d share the answers to a few of our most frequently asked questions.

What’s changed? RMS has had a dual device option available for EMV card acceptance for several months.  This option allowed signature capture on one device and card acceptance on another. Now, you can have a single device that allows EMV card acceptance and signature capture.  It’s a big step forward and something many pharmacy customers have been anxiously awaiting

Can I use this solution with my existing credit card processor?   To implement EMV card acceptance now, you will need to change credit card processing companies to Vantiv.  RMS can put you in touch with a Vantiv representative familiar with the details of the RMS/Vantiv integration.  There’s no pressure, so if you’re curious, just let us know and we’ll get the conversation started. 

Can I purchase my own hardware?  If I purchased a purse with a luxury brand name on it out of the back of a car for half the price it should retail for, no one would be surprised when I found out that my purchase didn’t live up to expectations.  The same goes for technology.  Major hardware manufacturers sell directly to only a very few certified resellers.  RMS purchases hardware from certified resellers.  With signature pads and card acceptance devices specifically, not only do you have the hardware costs themselves, but there are additional costs for encryption and software platform integration.  Not only is the origin of point-of-sale peripheral unknown, it’s not likely to live up to expectations, and function as expected.  Add that to a choice of either a standard 1 year warranty through RMS, or an inexpensive 3 year warranty upgrade, it’s just better to purchase your hardware from your POS provider.

What if I want to stay with my processor?  Certifications with other processing companies are coming soon! Vantiv was the first to the finish line but we expect certifications with First Data, Heartland and Elavon in the next 1-3 months. 

RMS is here to answer your questions. Whether you’re an existing customer or looking to make a change, we can help demystify EMV and find the solution that works for you.