A Fresh Take on Productivity in Your Pharmacy

rms-pharmacy-pos-productivity.jpgWe often talk about how important it is to set goals for your pharmacy.  And having those goals is definitely important.  But it’s hard to keep track of that big picture every day, when all you really need to do is get stuff done.  You may have heard “working in the business” versus “working ON the business.”  So let’s take a break from goals for a minute and talk instead about productivity and efficiency.  This slideshow shares some quick productivity hacks that can be applied in your pharmacy to make that to do list seem a little less daunting. Here are a few of our favorites.

“Create Systems, Not Goals” – While not everything you do in your pharmacy is a major goal on your to-do list, your daily actions can either help you get there or make you take a step backwards. This is one of the reasons that pharmacy point-of-sale is so important.  It might not be your end game to install a pharmacy POS system, but that same system provides the tools to help you get where you want to go.  It’s a commitment to reaching your goals because in essence it enables you to take the next steps. 

“Maximize the Most Important Tasks”– What do you do on a daily basis that has to be done for your day to be a success?  What processes and procedures do you have to complete?  Can those be automated or in any way?  This is another great case for pharmacy POS, as many processes can be streamlined to increase your staff’s efficiency. 

“Allow less time for key projects” – If you have bigger tasks that have to get done throughout the day like active recovery or restocking shelves, it’s important to make sure you allow time for your pharmacy staff to complete these tasks.  But rather than giving them all day to get a project done as they have time, choose a time that is likely to be less busy and schedule the employee to focus just on that task. A great productivity report you should be able to run from your POS should tell you what time of day you are busiest versus slowest.

“Start Small So You Won’t Mind” – Most people don’t stop a habit cold turkey.  They slowly taper off until it’s easier to stop completely.  It’s why there are “cheat meals” in diet plans and smoking cessation aids.  Well the same goes for starting something new.  If you try to do everything all at once you’ll get overwhelmed, it will be too difficult, and you’ll quit.  Take things in small steps.  Just make sure that your pharmacy technology is scalable so that you can easily accomplish the little things but still have room to grow. 

Pharmacy point-of-sale is a great first step to increasing productivity in your pharmacy.  And that productivity leads to a more profitable, successful and customer centric pharmacy.