A New Chapter For One Employee at RMS


Lori 1.jpgFor almost as long as there’s been an RMS, there’s been Lori Rupe in the front office. She’s been a familiar voice on the phone for almost 18 years.  It’s probably virtually impossible to be an RMS customer and not have spoken to Lori.  And if you have, you know what all of us who work with her know. Lori is dedicated to helping our customers in whatever way she can.  We’ve been incredibly lucky to have her as a part of the RMS family.   

But as we come to the end of 2016, Lori will be retiring from RMS, and embarking on her next great adventure. We will be so sad to see her go, and those of us who work in the main RMS office will probably be a little lost without the guidance of our “Nana Lori”.  

Of course, we are also slightly jealous that Lori will be traveling the country instead of waking up before the sun rises every day.  She’ll be moving to a home on wheels with her husband Curtis, and hitting the road sometime in the spring of 2017, making a life out of a favorite vacation pastime. 

For Lori’s part, she wanted to pass this message on. “It has been a great privilege to work with so many RMS customers over my almost 18 years here. You have made my job an enjoyable one, and it’s hard to say goodbye to all of you and my RMS family.” 

You can find out more about Lori and her future plans on her bio page here. Please take a moment and leave your well wishes for Lori in the comments section below.