A New Solution to Solve Your Home Delivery Challenges

Do you ever have days where you just don’t want to leave the house? I mean most of the time we have to for one thing or another. Work, after school activities, going to the grocery store. But some days, I’ll try almost anything I can think of to avoid an extra trip out the door.

If you’ve ever felt this way then you’ve already started to make the case for home delivery. No matter what reason a customer might have for not wanting, or not being able, to make the trip to the pharmacy, the convenience offered by home delivery just can’t be beat.

But for pharmacies, delivery does offer its own set of challenges. How do you log signatures, track payments, and make it easy for drivers? And what do you do when cell coverage is nowhere to be found in your delivery area? Paper logs aren’t ideal but a full mobile till doesn’t really fit the bill either.

RMS’ new home delivery application (Just released this week) aims to solve challenges with straightforward Wireless Delivery M1-2workflow and an easy to use interface. And it all happens on your RMS registers and an Android tablet with a few simple steps.

-Transactions are prepared in the pharmacy and marked for delivery.

-Using credit card tokenization (a feature available with many of our credit card processing integrations), you can securely save card data for future use. This is an easy and convenient way for customers to pay for their delivery orders. You can also charge the delivery to an A/R account or mark that payment is still pending.

-Now those transactions are loaded to your Android tablet and you’re out for delivery. You’ll capture signatures, collect cash payments if you choose to and mark deliveries as completed. No wireless signal is required. It all happens offline.

-Once you’re back in the pharmacy and the tablet is connected to the wireless network again, signatures are synced with your point-of-sale. No looking for paper logs, your delivery transactions will be easily found just like any other transaction run your point-of-sale.

Seems simple enough right? But this simple solution can be a powerful one for any pharmacy looking to make the home delivery process make sense for their business and for their customers.

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