A pharmacy without cash registers??

I’m really excited, as tomorrow, I’m going to visit one of our most forward thinking stores, West Cocoa Pharmacy. West Cocoa Pharmacy is the definition of the pharmacy of the future. A few months ago, they implemented our point-of-sale when they opened their doors. In doing so, they opened with no traditional cash registers. What?? That’s crazy talk you say!! Instead, they opened up with our handheld device, EvolutionPOS. This allows for greater flexibility, portability, and mobility. This also eliminates the need to talk over a traditional cash register. This way, they can focus on taking care of the patient and offer more personalized service, whether discussing an item on the sales floor, or ringing a sale up curbside to help the physically challenged. 

evolutionpos rms pos pharmacy
Because EvolutionPOS is built on our market leading, pharmacy specific, point-of-sale software solutions, Star Lite and Star Plus, they’re able to take advantage of all the capabilities our software has to offer, and still benefit from the portability that EvolutionPOS brings to the table (or lack of a table). 

Imagine doing these things anywhere in your store, and for deliveries, at the customer front door:

  • Customers sign on EvolutionPOS for all signatures traditionally captured at your POS (HIPPA, Prescription, Credit Card, etc)
  • Print receipt on the spot
  • Swipe their credit card and get real time authorization
  • Take advantage of our 25+ Rx system interfaces
  • Real time communications with store POS for transaction and signature look up


I’m planning on taking some great photos and video while I’m there.  Stay tuned for more!  

What do you think?  Would this change how you interact with your customers?  In the “pharmacy of the future”, what other customer service areas do you see improving?