A Quick Podcast and a New Title for Your Reading List

The last couple of weeks, our posts have been all about learning. Something which we take to heart here at RMS. Not just in training on our Pharmacy POS offerings or our daily huddle meetings. Over the years, we’ve read many books as a team.Business books like “Drive” by Dan Pink or inspirational reads like Giovanni Livera’s “Live a Thousand Years. After all, how could we help our pharmacy customers become more profitable and customer centric if we didn’t take every opportunity to learn and grow as a company.

As you might imagine, our reading lists are a bit lengthy. Just on my shelf I’ve got a stack of books lined up. Sticky notes and highlighters at the ready.

Recently, one book jumped to the top of our reading list at RMS thanks to the Pharmacy Podcast Network. The Podcast from November (Okay, I admit this podcast is a few months old. I might have just as lengthy of a podcast list as I do a reading list) Interviews John Rossman, author of “Think Like Amazon.” If you haven’t listened to the podcast titled “Pharmacy Owners: Why you need to Think like Amazon” I highly recommend it.

It’s worth the quick 30 minute listen to get inspired and think about how you’ll respond to changes and challenges faced by the pharmacy industry.

Does anyone else have any must read business or growth books? Our team here is always on the lookout for new titles to add to the reading list. Comment below to share