All Pharmacies Are the Same, Aren’t they?

rms-pharmacy-pos-baby-in-tux.jpgDoes anyone really believe in “One Size Fits All” anymore?  When was the last time that you purchased anything with this label and it really actually fit? 

I bet I know the answer to that question.  Which poses another question. Why would you buy into pharmacy technology that has that same one size fits all mentality? We certainly don’t when it comes to personal use technology.  Our cellphones and tablets can be loaded with the apps that work for us, and put in a protective case that suits our needs and expresses personality.  Even laptops are starting to come in different colors and are geared more toward personalization.

So here’s some food for thought for this week.  You wouldn’t go to a black tie dinner in a one size fits all tuxedo, right?  You wouldn’t buy a smart phone that couldn’t be customized with apps and set up to your liking.  So why would you even consider using a Pharmacy POS system that assumes all pharmacies are the same?   We certainly know that’s not true.  Leverage our 18 years of independent and outpatient pharmacy point-of-sale experience and ask us questions.  If we’re not a good fit for you, we’ll let you know, but there’s probably a better way to research POS for your pharmacy than getting a one-size-fits-all solution.