And a Happy New Year! (Full of Great New POS Features)

dreamstime_m_24685299It’s been a busy year at RMS. As we round out our 20th year in business, we look back at a great list of enhancements, new integrations and added functionalities. Not to mention a growing family of team members that we are incredibly happy to be working with. While too much happened to fit into any one blog post, here’s a quick recap of some of our 2018 highlights.

Even more credit card processing options – As a point-of-sale provider, we know how important credit card security is to any business large or small. As we entered 2018, we already had options for EMV, end-to-end encryption, validated point-to-point encryption, tokenization, and even NFC. Throughout the year we focused on expanding processing options to give customers the most possible flexibility along with the largest number of features. Here’s an article that expands on the 2018 processing trends and how RMS can help you implement each one.

New and enhanced integrations: We were definitely excited to announce our new integration with the VoiceTech/OmniSys Fusion-RX IVR System. This new integration benefits pharmacies by sending cancellation messages to the IVR system at prescription sale to cancel pending call and text notifications. Of course Our VoiceTech/OmniSys partnership is just one of many at RMS. We worked hard to enhance existing integrations with new functionality, keeping RMS customers on the cutting edge of pharmacy system integrations.

New tools for mobile applications – Our EvolutionPOS V2 tablet got some enhancements this year as we added 2D barcode scanning, fingerprint login and on board EMV/E2EE processing. As more pharmacies adopted these tablets for meds-to-beds and curbside delivery programs, these new enhancements helped to increase effectiveness and streamlined workflow. We also added a new application for mobile delivery. Offline signature capture paired with an easy in store workflow makes this application simple, but powerful for any pharmacy running or thinking about running a home delivery program.

A growing RMS team – If you are an RMS customer, you may have noticed some new voices on the phones this year as well. We welcomed Ammerae to our front office where she’s been handling incoming calls. Cassie joined our sales team and has been working hard to help RMS customers with their new product needs and pretty much any other question that might pop up. Our support team also grew with new team members Ricky and Jim joining the ranks. Behind the scenes, Cara has also been working hard on streamlining all of our documentation.

Most of all, our greatest achievement this year has been the continued opportunity to work with an amazing group of customers. We owe another great year to each and every one of you and look forward to many more!