Are You Consuming Your Pharmacy POS or just Using it?

Are you conusming or using?

In recent years, online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have redefined the way many people consume entertainment. We’ve said goodbye to commercials every 8 minutes and no longer have to wait until next week to find out how the most recent cliffhanger resolves itself.

But what does it really mean to consume the products they offer? Or any product for that matter? For example, news surfaced that Netflix considers a viewer to have watched an episode after just two minutes of engagement. Even though you turned that movie off before the opening scene was over, you’re still counted in a record breaking release statistic.

To me it seems like the definition of consumption here is a little off. If you watched just 2 minutes of a 90 minute movie, you’d only be consuming just over 2% of the full product. Put that in terms of any purchase you make and think about what it would be like to consume that little of it.

What if you used just a fraction of the functionality in your point-of-sale system? Even 50%, 60% and higher isn’t really enough to validate the investment, right?

But how exactly do you define value? And how can you get more of it? There’s no back button and the decision to make any sort of change has far more impact than choosing something different to watch on TV.

Know what you’re trying to accomplish – Measuring success has to start with a definition of success. Know the problems you’re trying to solve. Have an idea of what you expect the final product to look and feel like. This definition of success will allow your point-of-sale partner to tailor your solutions so you can make the most of your system.

Metrics are your friend- Numbers aren’t everything, but they tell you a lot about where you are at. Use reports and data points to understand your starting point and your progress on a regular basis. If you aren’t getting anywhere, it’s an indicator that you may not getting what thought you would.

Understand your resources (and use them!) The good thing about point-of-sale is that you aren’t on your own. Don’t just consume the product. Consume everything that comes with it. Support, documentation, customer service.  Take advantage of all the perks you have at your disposal.

Keep up to date on training- Over time, things will change in your pharmacy. You’ll have employee turnover, encounter new regulations, have new ideas. As those changes occur, your overall consumption of your point-of-sale system may decrease. Not because the system has lost value or because it doesn’t work anymore. (That’s a whole different problem.) But because the way you need to use it has changed. This is where an expert in the product can help. RMS trainers often work with long time customers to evaluate processes, make recommendations and train on new functionality.