Automation Vs. Personal Attention. Which Is Better For Your Pharmacy?

rms-pharmacy-pos-automation.jpgWe all know that technology is always evolving. Every day there’s something new and different that we can use to make life easier and more convenient. Sometimes it’s really easy to buy-in and adopt something new. Other times, we find ourselves hesitating. 

When it comes to new technology in your pharmacy, it might be a little hard to change things up and let go of processes and procedures that you, or trusted staff member, have controlled for as long as the pharmacy. And there might be a worry that too much automation might change the feel and culture of your pharmacy.

So where is the fine line between too much and not enough technology-based automation? The answer might be different for every pharmacy. But here’s something to think about this week; if you can automate more processes and procedures in your pharmacy, you’ll be able to focus more on patient care and goals. Check out the RMS blog later this week for a closer look at this topic and how pharmacy point-of-sale can help.