Bring your Pharmacy to the Light Side!

For many people, this December means one thing.  A New Star Wars movie is about to be released.  Some fans are stoked, and some fear that this new movie is just capitalizing on the nostalgia many feel for the original trilogy.  (And I mean the original trilogy, not the newer “1, 2 and 3”.  They don’t count!) 

Nostalgia is a powerful tool when it comes to marketing.  It has been, and will continue to be, used by countless organizations, film franchises and independent businesses.  Just like the recent revivals of the upcoming Ghostbusters movie or Jurassic World.  Nostalgia plays a part in the popularity of all of these films.   If you have an old fashioned soda shoppe in your pharmacy as many of our pharmacy POS customers do, you’re already playing to your customer’s emotions and memories of times gone by.

So if you’re an independent pharmacy that’s been in business for a while, you might be able to bank on some hometown, old fashioned customer service, been on the same street corner for 25 years, nostalgia.  But what you have to be careful of is letting nostalgia take over and falling behind on other important things.  Like technological advancements.  Or failing to let go of an old way of doing things to try something new. Using inefficient, old technology in your pharmacy is no longer “quaint.”

Remember, while the new Star Wars movie is definitely going to appeal to our sentimental sides, they certainly aren’t going to shun new technologies during production. 

Stay tuned to the RMS blog this week for a few ideas on how you can do things just a bit differently with Pharmacy POS