Building on Trust for a More Successful Pharmacy

rms-pharmacy-pos-trust-pharmacistsIn 2016, pharmacists were once again labeled as the second most trustworthy professionals. Further proof that people in general understand the same things that we at RMS, and pharmacists all over the country, do. Pharmacies are more than a pit stop for prescriptions.    

This article takes a closer look at the reasons that consumers place so much trust in pharmacies.  While nothing here may be news to a pharmacy with staff that understands their innate value to patients, there are some key facts that can help you elevate your pharmacy to the next level.   

“Those who are more frequent users of pharmacist provided services rate pharmacies and pharmacists even more highly.”   Pretty simple right?  The more a customer frequents your pharmacy and utilizes the services that you offer, the more satisfied they’ll be. The question is, how to get a customer through the door with increasing regularity.  Well, with the right tools, that’s pretty simple as well. Customer Loyalty programs help to encourage customers to shop at your pharmacy and provide incentive for more frequent visits.  With the right program, powered by the right pharmacy point-of-sale system, you can create a robust customer loyalty program that’s easy to manage. Check out our free E-book on customer loyalty to get started.  

People can “go to their local pharmacy to get their prescription drug services at a moment’s notice”.  This is really all about accessibility. Pharmacists are much more accessible than physicians. So why not take steps to increase accessibility to pharmacy services.  Make it easy for customers to check out in the drive thru with options for wireless signature capture.  And if you don’t have a drive thru, add curbside delivery pickup service utilizing handheld technology to complete the transaction.   

The pharmacist-patient relationship has tremendous potential to do even more to improve patient health and well-being...  More and more, patients rely on their pharmacists for advice on getting and staying healthy.  It’s important for pharmacies to be able to offer this much needed advice, but it’s also important that it’s easy to provide this additional feedback quickly.  This is one of the reasons why RMS completed an interface to the Digital Replete Solution from Ortho Molecular Products a few months ago. The interface is designed to help pharmacies improve outcomes for their patients while increasing margins and profitability through supplement sales. 

The trust of your customer is hard earned.  A few simple technology driven changes can help to build on the foundation you have worked so hard to put in place.