Celebrate the Uniqueness of Your Pharmacy

RMS_POS_snowflakes-1It’s getting hot out there, which made me start thinking of cooler days.  This led me to think of today’s article.  I’d like you to try a little exercise.  It won’t take long.  I promise.

Gather your staff together and give them each a piece of paper.  Then give them the following directions:

1)      Fold your paper from one corner to the other. It doesn’t matter which direction you fold in and don’t look at what anyone else is doing.

2)      Now tear any corner on that paper. Big or small.

3)      Fold your paper again from one corner to another and tear a different corner.

4)      One final time, fold your paper from corner to corner and tear one last corner

5)      Now unfold your piece of paper and look around the room.  What do you notice?

I’m willing to bet that no one’s piece of paper looks the same.  These rudimentary paper snowflakes are just like the real thing.  No one is exactly the same as any other. 

Now take this a step further. No two customer interactions should be the same as no two of your customers are exactly alike.  You know this, and account for it in how you run your pharmacy.  Similarly, your pharmacy business partners should understand that no two pharmacies are precisely the same.  But so many solutions are one size fits all.  Look for partners that celebrate the uniqueness of your pharmacy business, not those that try to fit you to a mold just because they think you belong there.


Co-Authored by RMS Senior Technician, Kikki Harris