Changes Don’t Have to be Big to Make a Big Difference in Your Pharmacy


You likely have a vision of what the future will bring for your pharmacy.  Your plans may include growing or remodeling your pharmacy, opening new locations, or maybe even eventually selling your pharmacy and retiring. These future plans involve a lot of work and investment but it won’t happen overnight. 

Sometimes big plans can’t be executed right away.  And often they don’t need to be.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make smaller changes and work incrementally towards larger goals. 

Add Customer Loyalty – Even though adding Customer Loyalty to your pharmacy does require an investment on your part, it’s worth it, no matter what your future plans are.  Customer Loyalty programs help you grow your customer base, increase average ticket size, and encourage customers to shop more often.  The benefits and growth that you’ll experience from a well-executed customer loyalty program outweigh the resources that you need to commit to get the program rolling. 

Expand Mobile Offerings – If expansion or growth is your goal, but you aren’t necessarily to the next stage yet, there is a step in-between.  Adding a mobile register can allow you to grow without having to worry about expansion just yet.  If you need an extra checkout lane but don’t have the space or want to offer curbside delivery in the absence of a drive thru, a mobile solution is a great option that will offer a lot of flexibility. 

Streamline your processes – There are dozens of small processes that you or your pharmacy staff complete every day.  Sometimes multiple times every day.  Even a minor inefficiency in any of your processes can add up to major time.  In order to achieve optimal circumstances for growth and success, processes in your pharmacy need to run smoothly.  Use your Pharmacy POS system to make everything run smoothly from the time a product arrives in your store until the time a customer purchases that product.