Creating a Happy Hospital Staff and Thus Happier Patients (VIDEO)

happy-rms-pharmacy-pos-nurse.jpgInnovation – it’s one of our tent poles here at RMS.  We continuely push ourselves to not only develop new features with our point-of-sale solutions for pharmacies, but ways to use these features.  We were the first to market with a mobile handheld device to allow hospital outpatient pharmacies to service patients during patient discharge, and almost 5 years later, the technology continues to improve.  

Features like enhance credit card encryption, over 30 Rx system interfaces, and employee payroll deduction, have allowed us to exceed 1000 customers in just the pharmacy industry.  When it comes to operational efficiency, cutting-edge security, and improved pharmacy profitability – look no further than RMS.  Watch this video and let us know what we can do to improve your business!