Danger of Relying on Your Pharmacy’s Reputation


Here’s the timeline:

1998: Yahoo refuses to buy Google for $1 Million
2002: Yahoo realizes its mistake & tries to buy Google for $3 Billion. Google wants $5 Billion & Yahoo walks away
2008: Yahoo refuses to be sold to Microsoft for $40 Billion
2016: Yahoo sold for $4.8 Billion to Verizon, the same company that last year bought AOL


With AOL & Yahoo! in hand, Verizon now controls the 1990’s internet — a quarter-century later.

Another reminder that just because you used to be good, even dominant, it doesn’t mean you can coast on your reputation; especially if you continue to make a series of bad decisions.  This cautionary tale begs you to ask yourself the hard question – What can I change today in my business today to make it stay relevant in the eyes of my customers and patients?

RIP Yahoo