Getting Creative to Attract Customers to Your Pharmacy


There’s are a few prescribed ways to attract a customer’s attention.  Print ads, the radio, social media, and word of mouth are probably some of your go to methods.   But sometimes it takes a little bit more. 

Although I’ve tried to avoid the topic of the most recent gaming phenomenon (Not that I have anything against “Pokémon Go”, it just didn’t really seem relevant) I recently came across this article about retailers using the game to their advantage to drive traffic to their store.  While the methods featured in the article may not be viable for your pharmacy, it’s a good reminder to think outside the box when it comes your marketing strategy.

We often hear of our pharmacy customers doing things to drive business that are definitely out of the ordinary. Sometimes we get the opportunity to help customers use their pharmacy POS system to accommodate needs associated with these activities.  Everything from hosting exercise classes after hours to a having a wine club instead of the traditional customer loyalty program.  While perhaps you don’t automatically think of retail pharmacy and dance fitness as going hand in hand, the addition of programs like this help pharmacies to succeed. 

So if you’re doing something new and different (and slightly unorthodox) in your pharmacy, we’d love to hear about it.  Sharing your experiences may just mean your pharmacy is featured in a future RMS blog article.