Here’s What to Do with Extra Funds in 2019



I’ve got a full calendar for the last few weeks of December. Dinners with friends, a trip to the zoo for the annual light festival, picking up traveling family members from the airport, and of course some extra time to bake some holiday sweets. All the usual things that make this time of year go by so fast. And that’s not even including the day to day that’s always busier at the end of the year.

For many of us, work days are filled with making sure that loose ends are tied up, goals are met, and plans made for the new year. Businesses will also be taking a final look at the budget and finding out if there’s room left for a few last minute investments before 2019 ends.

If you do happen to have some room in your 2019 pharmacy budget, there are a few point-of-sale related investments you may want to consider.

Credit Card Acceptance – If you haven’t made the leap to an EMV certified processing solution just yet, this is a great time to get that project underway. Start the year out with a processing solution that checks all of the boxes, including EMV, end to end or point to point encryption and NFC capabilities.

Upgrade your technology- There are a lot of reasons to give your pharmacy technology a refresh. New point-of-sale computers will increase performance and keep your pharmacy in compliance. Options like all in one touch screen systems will also help to keep your pharmacy looking modern and save valuable counter space. Outside of PC’s, you can also consider pro-actively replacing any of your hardware that’s limping along, rather than facing an unanticipated expense in the coming year.

Try something new – Add a wireless signature capture device for your drive thru window. Upgrade your delivery program, or start a curbside pickup program with an EvolutionPOS V2 tablet. Implement Customer Loyalty. With the new year approaching it’s a great time to get a jump start on new programs or goals.

Remember that every dollar spent in your pharmacy goes through your pharmacy point-of-sale system, making investments made in that system incredibly powerful.