How Are You Handling Controlled Substances in Your Pharmacy?

rms-pharmacy-pos-license.jpgRules, regulations and sales restrictions are nothing new to pharmacies. They are just a part of how you do business. Still, it’s nice to find a way to make required processes easier on you and your staff. And even nicer to find a way that reduces the impact that compliance has on the experience customers have in your pharmacy. 

Handling controlled substances can put a big hitch in the checkout process. Tracking purchases, recording customer identification and for some states, clearing the sale through NPlex makes describing the process as “complex” a pretty severe understatement. 

So instead of manually entering driver’s license information, which is time consuming for you and your customer, and can result in errors, just scan your customers driver’s license to capture the required data. (And automatically communicate that data to NPlex if you operate in a state participating in NPlex programs). Turn a process that can take a minute or more into one that takes only moments. All it takes is the right tools and the right pharmacy POS system.