How Exactly Do I Clean That?


Well, a lot has happened since last week. Last time I posted, I was sitting in my office at the RMS Headquarters.

Today, I’m in my home office, on day 4 of working from home. From beyond my office door (Well, it was my sewing room. Now it’s an office) I can hear the occasional giggle or screech as my now home from school kiddos entertain themselves with Lego and art projects. It was a difficult decision to close our main office and transition our employees to remote work, but we knew it was the right choice, to keep everyone safe, healthy and able to continue service to all of our wonderful customers without interruption.

We know it’s important that business continue here because each of our customers is integral to the health of their community. While it’s difficult to say goodbye to your favorite restaurant for the time being, it’s impossible to go without necessities like prescriptions. It’s important to us that all of our customers know we’ll be here to help no matter what.

Over the past several days, we’ve had some questions that we thought we’d share the answers to. And you might find them helpful to know even if you’re not an RMS user.

How do we clean our point-of-sale hardware? Frequent cleaning and sanitizing of high touch surfaces is vitally important in retailers and businesses that remain open. A general rule of thumb with touch and LED/LCD screens is to avoid excess moisture. Our manufacturer for tablets and touch screen registers provided this great article on how to safely clean your touch enabled devices. There are also safe ways to clean fingerprint readers, and bar code scanners, so if you need that documentation, just give us a shout and we’re happy to send it your way.

Are shipping timelines delayed? We have been keeping in close contact with our vendors and suppliers to evaluate the potential for any shortages or delays in the hardware we supply. As of right now everything is on track and no delays are expected. We’ll continue to monitor product availability closely for any changes so we can stay ahead of needs.

Are any other services impacted? All of our support, sales, development, implementation, and customer success teams are here to support you with whatever you need. We know that some projects might be pushed back a bit, or you might need help with something you didn’t expect.

What else?  This is a great article from Elements Magazine on 9 things pharmacies should be doing. I encourage you to check it out. If you need help with any of your programs, delivery, curbside, drive thru.. we’ll do everything we can to lend a hand and get you up and running.

Bottom line, we’re in this together, and we’re not going anywhere. So whatever you need, we’ll be here to help in anyway we can.