How Technology Can Change The Dynamic in Your Pharmacy

rms-pharmacy-pos-corporate-culture.jpgOver the past several years, the idea of fostering company culture has become more and more common. Of course every business has a culture. The difference is that companies large and small are beginning to acknowledge its importance. Culture, or, if you prefer, the personal dynamics in your pharmacy, are an important part of the foundation of any business.  The key is to making your company mission statement more than just words on a piece of paper.   

A healthy company culture isn’t something that just appears out of thin air.  You have consciously strive to create it.  And you’ll have to always be looking at ways to improve. But what happens if you don’t like the dynamic that exists in your pharmacy? Are you forced to look at a string of tough decisions to wipe the slate clean? In this instance, it’s likely that the extreme approach won’t really fix the root cause of your concerns.  Here are a few things that might help. 

Reduce Employee Turnover: It’s hard to gain any sort of traction building a solid, healthy company culture if you’re constantly losing employees and having to hire new ones.  The hiring and training process is disruptive and costly.  But how do you do that?  Of course pay, benefits, and hours all come into play, but there are a lot of little things that lead to an employee who’s in it for the long haul. You need to make sure that employees have the right technology tools to do their job well.  If they don’t, they’ll never feel successful. And an employee who feels like they are failing at their job is much more likely to jump ship and find a place where they can thrive.   

Prove your commitment: Employees aren’t going to buy in to something if they don’t see leadership buying in as well. This is one of many reasons why It’s important to make continuing investments in your pharmacy and your pharmacy employees.  Make sure that your Pharmacy point-of-sale system makes their lives easier.  Provide training to help employees work more efficiently and show them that they have value to your pharmacy business.  You invest in your business.  You need to invest in your employees.

Don’t indulge naysayers:  Hopefully your pharmacy staff includes at least one fantastic, superstar employee.  And hopefully you don’t have any “sticks in the mud” that don’t like change and don’t see a need to improve.  But what if you do?  And what if that employee’s expertise is really valuable?  The customers love them, they know the community, and they care deeply for the business. In essence, they don’t fit the “more trouble than they are worth” criteria.  Letting naysayers control the narrative is never a good idea.  Instead, find ways to get them to buy in to the bigger picture. 

Notice a trend yet?  Pharmacy technology and pharmacy point-of-sale play a big role in making it easier to change and improve the dynamic in your pharmacy.  If your technology solutions aren’t helping you, it might be time to take a closer look at why.