How to Optimize Drive Thru Pharmacy Services

rms-pharmacy-drive-thru-point-of-sale-3The commonly accepted meaning of convenience is constantly changing for your customers. They have more options to choose from than ever before. Not just in where they do business, but how they do business. And in a culture where a taps on a smart phone can result in pretty much anything you want being delivered to a doorstep, it’s no wonder that many customers will choose to do business with their local pharmacy at the drive-thru.

While any customer that walks into your pharmacy is treated to the full customer experience, the interaction at the drive-thru is significantly more limited. This is good when it comes to meeting core needs, (getting them taken care of and on with their day quickly) but not so good if you’re trying to make an experience memorable and build a repeat customer base.

The key to making your drive-thru service effective, convenient and memorable all at the same time lies in how seamlessly you can complete each transaction. Here’s how you do it.

Additional Prescriptions for Pickup – The drive-thru customer is obviously focused on convenience. Therefore, the last thing you want in a drive-thru transaction is a customer who didn’t get everything they needed. Flagging for additional prescriptions available for pickup at the point-of-sale will ensure you don’t have angry customers having to come back in for those items. Or worse, customers that never come back at all.

Go Wireless – If you don’t have an option for wireless signature capture you’re probably doing one of two things. Going the old school paper route or fighting with cables through the window. Neither of these options really work well, and both have the potential to leave customers with a bad taste in their mouth. Using RMS’ Wireless signature capture application, customers can sign all their signatures on an iPad. You can also use the EvolutionPOSV2 Tablet for a full drive-thru register experience. Both options make it easy for the customer, present a more professional image, and make finding signature records a breeze.

If you don’t have a drive-thru, don’t forget that you can still create much the same experience using the EvolutionPOSV2 tablet in conjunction with a curbside delivery service.





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  1. Well, as a frequent buyer in the pharmacy, I agree with you that it would be a great idea for a business to the flag for additional prescriptions. You’re also right that customers will prefer an iPad transaction. Anyhow, maybe it’s time for me to look for a drive-thru pharmaceutical that will be able to provide convenience because it’s quite a hassle to line up just to buy medicine.

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