How to Run your Pharmacy and Have More Time

rms-pharmacy-pos-leap-year-2016.jpgToday, everyone is making a big deal about having more time.  That’s because it’s Leap Day.  The day added to our calendars every 4 years to make up for that extra time it actually takes for the earth to orbit the sun. (365.2422 days if you want to exact) So my email is flooded with special deals.  Advertisements jump out encouraging me to “Take the Leap” and “Celebrate more time”.  

To me, this Monday is just another day.  The world is still going on about its business.  I’m still sitting in front of my computer just like I do every Monday morning. Your pharmacy still opened its doors as usual, ready to serve patients and assist customers.  Just because there’s another day on the calendar this month doesn’t mean we actually get more time to do the things we need or want to do. But what if we could get more time?  


What if you could shorten your work day by an hour, or even more?  The place to look isn’t to a calendar and a magical extra day every 4 years.  Instead, look at your daily activities.  Where could you be more efficient?  How much time are you wasting on outdated processes that just don’t work?  What can you do to streamline those processes?  Is there technology you can invest in, like pharmacy point-of-sale, which can save you and your staff time and create a more efficient work-environment?  Consider your customers, who are also likely to want to save time – how can you improve their checkout process and move them through faster?  These things are where you’ll find yourself more time AND improve customer service!