In your Pharmacy, Do Insurance Audits Ruin your Day?

busy-rms-pharmacy-pos.jpgIt’s Monday morning.  Your pharmacy is busy. Crazy busy.  The phone is ringing off the hook and the line at the register doesn’t seem to be ending.

This is not out of the ordinary for you and your pharmacy staff.  Sure, things are a little hectic, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.  At least until you get the phone call telling you that your pharmacy is going to be audited.  “Prepare for a deep dive,” they tell you.  “Don’t be surprised if it takes all day,” you’re told. 

This is exactly the phone call that your day didn’t need.  But there’s no avoiding it.  Sure, this might be stressful, but you’ve been through it before. And you’re confident that all of your signatures are logged in your pharmacy POS system.  They are easily retrievable.  Even those for drive-thru transactions because you have a wireless signature capture pad.  You sigh heavily.  Hope for the best and move on with your day.

The next week, the auditor calls again.  “Just reminding you that I’ll be there next week.  Make sure you’re prepared.”  Up goes the blood pressure. Prepared or not, you just don’t have the time for this.  You talk yourself down again, but this time not quite so successfully. 

Then, the big day comes.  You wake up just dreading going into the store that day.  The auditor promptly comes into the store at 9am.  This visit is different though.  The auditor meets you at the counter, then takes an awkward pause, and says “Oh, I didn’t realize that you have an RMS POS system.  I’ve worked with other RMS customers before, so I know that you can’t sell a prescription without having it signed for.  Let’s just call it good.”  The auditor thanks you for your time, and promptly exits your store and moves on to his next victim.

Cue your jaw hitting the floor. 

This story may sound far-fetched, but this actually happened to an RMS customer.   We love stories like this.  Sure, it’s a great story for us to share about the value of pharmacy POS and the reputation we’ve earned in the marketplace.  And of course, we can’t promise this same experience for everyone, but really, we are just so happy to hear that what we do for our customers can make their life easier! 



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