Innovation Vs. The Familiar.  Which is Best For Your Pharmacy?

new-innovation-rms-pharmacy-pos.pngThere are certain things that haven’t changed significantly since their invention.  Their function is such that the original design is efficient and effective enough to withstand the test of time.  There’s nothing wrong with relying on the tried and true.  Longevity is important. So is knowing that something will still be providing value for years to come.  But, as we noted a few weeks ago, it’s also dangerous to get too comfortable and stop asking “why?”. 

If you think this doesn’t apply to everything, I encourage you to take a second look about some recent innovations, like the Kazbrella, which completely rethought the traditional umbrella, or the Tactica Talon that took the thought of a traditional pocket knife or multi tool to a completely different level.   

The concept of rethinking the traditional may be outside of your comfort zone, but the most successful pharmacies learn to get comfortable with the things that may be out of the ordinary.  Just like there’s nothing wrong with an umbrella the way it’s always been doesn’t mean that something a little different might work a lot better in certain situations.  The same goes for pharmacy point-of sale.  There’s certainly no problem with the familiar, as long as familiarity doesn’t mean settling your pharmacy in a rut where mediocrity is as good as it gets. 

When you choose a Pharmacy POS provider today, you may be faced with the question of exactly how innovative you want to become when it comes to the technology you choose.  Traditional registers are still fantastic and offer tools to streamline pharmacy efficiency and improve customer service. But the right  mobile point-of-sale solution can offer those things and more.   

How will you decide between the more innovative cutting edge solutions and something that still offers your pharmacy avenues for growth but in a more familiar package?  This question is becoming more and more common.  Here are a few factors to consider that will help you choose the right technology for your pharmacy. 

  • Pharmacy Employees – As a pharmacy owner, the decision of what pharmacy technology to implement is ultimately yours.  But failing to consider how your staff will feel about a given change can result in resistance to that change and be incredibly detrimental to your pharmacy business.  Are they going to be comfortable with the most current point-of-sale form factors, or will it be too intimidating for them to effectively learn? If so, can you help them get past that feeling of intimidationOr will employees view a more traditional purchase as a lack of progress and become frustrated?  Every pharmacy has a different dynamic.  Make sure you let that dynamic be a factor in your decision.  
  • Customers – Different technology helps your customers in different ways.  And just like your employees, customers will have different comfort levels with more cutting edge solutions.  Understanding your customer demographic is key.  No matter what you choose, your pharmacy POS technology should make every customer interaction smooth and simple.  
  • Future Plans If you’re considering something like a mobile pharmacy-point-of-sale solution, the question of “how does this benefit me?” will undoubtedly come up.  Don’t just think about what your pharmacy looks like now.  Think about how you want it to look in the future.  And consider what your competition will look like?   

Always remember, mobile does not have to be an all or nothing investment. For many pharmacies, the answer will not be definitive, which means that one or two traditional registers paired with a mobile solution for line busting and curbside delivery may be the perfect option. Your pharmacy point-of-sale provider should offer you flexibility to choose technology that will not only meet your needs today, but that will remain relevant as your pharmacy grows.