Is Anticipation Hurting Your Pharmacy?

rms_pos_traffic_at_lightYou’re in your car at a stoplight. There are 4 or 5 cars in front of you and you’ve been waiting a couple of minutes.  It’s probably close to time for your light to change.  And that’s when the cars in front of you start inching forward. One at a time until there’s a space between your car and the car in front of you that wasn’t there before.  The light is still red, but all those drivers are anticipating the light turning to green and traffic moving forward. 

When we do this, it doesn’t get us anywhere any faster.  The light isn’t going to change any sooner than it would have originally and you won’t likely be any faster off the starting line.  At least not fast enough to offer a noticeable difference. 

We have a tendency to do this in business sometimes too.  Try to move before it’s time. Anticipate a change and try to jump before we have all the information at hand.  And unlike the little to no difference it makes when you inch forward in traffic, moving before it’s time in business can actually set you back.  Instead, trust the partners you’ve chosen to work with in your independent pharmacy (like your buying group, your wholesaler, or your pharmacy pos solution provider).  Their advice can be invaluable and help you know when it’s time to make changes in your pharmacy.