Is Quality or Cost Most Important?

RMS POS Quality Ingredients MatterA couple of years ago, I decided that I wanted to be better at baking. I invested in some supplies, bought a few recipe books and spent my spare time obsessing over baking shows and how-to articles. Today, I’m still on my quest for baking excellence, and my RMS co-workers are often subjected to whatever recipe I’m trying to perfect.

So , when one of our front office staff mentioned a craving for brownies, I thought I’d whip up a batch. My brownie recipe is tried, true, and always a crowd favorite. (Assuming I can get out of the house with a tray intact). One problem, I didn’t have the same chocolate that I usually make the recipe with. But no big deal, I had something I could sub in. It wasn’t up to my normal standards, but I thought it couldn’t matter that much. It was getting melted down and mixed with half a dozen other ingredients. Plus if it worked, I’d save some money every time I made that recipe.

The results? Complete disaster.

So bad in fact that I threw out the entire batch. After reflection, I realized that the chocolate I had used just wasn’t as pure and altered the entire chemistry of my recipe. Confirming something we all already know, but often forget. The quality of your ingredients matters.

The less expensive, or seemingly more convenient option can be tempting. How much can it really matter? But think about how many times you’ve followed that logic to an unwanted result. The inexpensive t-shirt that popped a seam after the first wash. The knife that dulls after a couple of uses. All of the wasted time and money when you put your effort and expertise into something that doesn’t turn out because you didn’t have the right tools.

The investments you make in the things you care about matter. From the food you feed your family to the technology you use in your pharmacy.

Today, pharmacies can purchase any number of different point-of-sale systems. They all have different features and functionality. And every single one of them will create a different result in your pharmacy. So before you buy, or use an add on Pharmacy POS product, it’s important to think about the results you’re looking for, and whether your investment is capable of yielding those results.