Is your pharmacy POS system up to the end of year challenge?

register_with_lg_display-blue_background-2.jpgFor most businesses, the end of the year is spent in a flurry of number crunching and report running.  If you are an independent pharmacy owner, the burden for all of this information gathering lies with you and your staff.   And in order to grow, there’s a lot of information you need to be able to access.  And hopefully you can gather that information easily, and quickly, so you can get home in time for some holiday gatherings and end of year festivities.   

But is your pharmacy POS system up to the challenge?


Do you know your estimated profits for the year?  Do you know which departments made you the most money? Which products aren’t justifying the shelf space they take up? Which aisles perform better than others?  Should you expand or reduce the number of supplements you offer?  What kind of margins are you getting out of your front end?  Should you increase or decrease store hours based upon sales per hour?  Can you decrease your labor costs?  Do you need to hire additional employees to maintain your service levels?

We are well past the age of pencil and paper, or long streams of calculator tape.  If your POS system doesn’t help make your life easier it might be time for a change. Let us know.  We may be able to help!