It’s Time to Order Gift Cards to Boost Sales in Your Pharmacy

rms-gift-card-pharmacy-system-pos.jpgAlthough Halloween swag and fall décor has been out in retail stores for several weeks, most of us have still been enjoying summer.  But in just a few days, on September 22nd, the Autumnal Equinox will arrive and we’ll begin the next phase of 2016. 

For most retailers, the beginning of fall brings thoughts of preparing for the holiday retail season.  We’re still a month or so away from having to give serious thought to twinkle lights and turkeys, but there is one thing that you should be doing now to prepare for the inevitable holiday rush. 

That’s right, it’s time to order gift cards.  Custom gift cards can help boost your holiday season sales and are great to have on hand.   Getting started now will ensure that you have plenty of time to get your card design just right and they’ll be professionally printed and delivered in plenty of time for the holiday season. 

And don’t forget – studies have shown most gift card recipients overspend their card balance by at least 20%.

If you’ve never sold gift cards before and you aren’t sure if you should, check out this article on the benefits of selling gift cards in your pharmacy.  Then, once you’ve purchased, pick up some tips on the best ways to optimize gift card sales